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【Company News】United Creation Technology Corp. Ltd. entered the NEEQ innovation level

Date: 2017-06-03
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With annual profit doubled in 2016, United Creation Technology Corp. Ltd. entered the NEEQ innovation level


On May 31, with the 2017 innovation level listed companies announced in the national stock transfer center, Shenzhen United Creation Technology Corp. Ltd. (stock code: 839484) officially entered the NEEQ innovation level. According to the list announced by national stock transfer center, it shows that this year's innovation level enterprises numbered 1393, accounting for 12% of the total number of NEEQ enterprises, of which 765 are new innovation level enterprises.


 In 2016 UCT actively adjusted the product structure, developed market strategy steadily, continued to strengthen R & D investment, focused on input-output ratio. According to the company's annual report of 2016, UCT created sales of nearly 500 million in 2016, nearly 95% net profit growth over the previous year. At the same time, the continued growth of performance has also attracted the attention of a large number of investors, UCT successfully completed financing 11 million in early 2017.


In the future, UCT will rely on its professional ability to focus on expanding smart communications terminal business, and actively promote the whole business chain integrated services and other innovative business, to maintain the company's sustained and stable growth. In 2017 UCT will uphold the main line of technological innovation, seize the opportunity to actively expand the market, strive to continue and maintain a sustainable, stable, all-round growth. Believing in "Work hard, focus, experience, enjoy", UCT is dedicated to creating excellent value for customers, a better life for staff, the best return for shareholders.


【Company News】United Creation Technology Corp. Ltd. entered the NEEQ innovation level 

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