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【 Company News 】 Mr. Wu Yiran, GM of UCT: Believing in "Design with taste, make with quality" concep

Date: 2016-11-22
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【 Company News 】 Mr. Wu Yiran, GM of UCT: Believing in

Mr. Wu Yiran (General Manager)

In the afternoon of November 21st, UCT(stock code: 839484) participated in the 691th collective opening ceremony in NEEQ, as a business representative General Manager Mr. Wu Yiran delivered a speech. Congratulations on the auspicious opening of new business!

"New three board +" APP made full exclusive live broadcast at the scene of the opening ceremony in NEEQ.

October 10th of 2016 was a milestone for UCT! NEEQ officially sent a letter, agreed UCT to be listed, Stock Code: 839484, stock referred to as: UCT.

Coincidently, 2016 is also the 10th anniversary of UCT. Over the decade, UCT people never forget the original will, always fulfill duties with dedication, seek truth, and pursue progress in breakthrough, innovation. Being listed on New OTC Market in the 10th anniversary, this has given full recognition to company's management and 10 years’ brand value, also marked the success of stepping forward to the capital market. This achievement is no doubt another milestone in UCT history, continuously it will also be a strong power for the future development!

The more we look up, the higher it is; the more we dig into, the more solid it is. Sticking to the customized requirements of the global market and overseas customers, UCT has always believed in and concentrated on providing good user experience and bringing forth new ideas constantly since established. All founders and main senior executives are first generation experts in China in terms of communication terminal product design, who have been leading UCT to maintain sustained and rapid growth with perceptive insights of mobile communication field over the past decade. Currently UCT products are being sold to different countries in Southeast Asia, Central and South America, Africa, Europe etc., which enabled us to turn into an important partner of many locally well-known brands.

 Time flies, UCT founding team fulfilled their duties with dedication, held truth-seeking spirit and made great progress. In 10 years the team always took the bull by the horns, stood together regardless of situation, helped each other when in humble circumstances. Hard work pays off, all UCT fighters worked with great efforts and assiduity, made innovations and faced challenges constantly, gained achievements jointly. With fruitful achievements, UCT suppliers and customers united as one as always, treated each other with sincere trust in 10 years, and maintained win-win cooperation.

New OTC Market is the 3rd national stock exchange approved by State Council after Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange, also known as "Nasdaq of China" and a revolution in the capital market. The benevolent has no sorrow, the wise has no confusion, the courageous has no fear. In the future, with the power of the capital market we will further promote technology innovation and mode innovation, integrate various resources. On the basis of diligence, dedication, experience and taste, we’re looking forward to creating outstanding value for customers, better life for employees, and the best return for shareholders. As always, We UCT aim at being a world-leading and most reliable platform of mobile internet products believing in philosophy “Design with taste, manufacture with quality”

In the end, Mr. Wu Yiran expressed special thanks to those who came all the way from different places to attend the company bell ring ceremony, they are Mr. Ye & Mr. Mei of Huachuang Stock, Mr. Zhu of Tianjian Accounting Firm, as well as Mr. Zhang of Zhonglun Law Firm.





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